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6 Ways to Prevent the Warning Signs of a Marriage Break Up

You could spend your entire life either feeling sorry or feeling angry about the breakup of a relationship that you once cherished the most. Similarly, your marriage is one of those important decisions that you once made in life. You need to find ways to save your marriage instead of breaking it.

 Below are the different ways to prevent the warning signs of a marriage breakup:

1.    Do not let the negative thoughts or insecurity take place in your married life. Prevent getting too close to the opposite sex. Sometimes, the little misunderstanding can become bigger reasons for a strain in the relationship. If you are intoxicated in the bedroom, it is good to avoid discussing about friends of the opposite sex.

2.    Never compare your relation with the others. Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side and so, you never know what the other couple is going through. Comparing your marriage with the other couples may make it worse for your partner to accept your flaws. Before you note down the flaws of your partner, list down your drawbacks at first and find solutions to overcome these.

3.    It is no doubt that kids are your first priority, but you must not leave behind your marital relation in the priority of raising kids. Either raise kids together, or take some time out alone with your partner. For instance, you may meet outside for an hour for lunch or a movie, while your kids are at the school.

4.    Do not argue or debate on every topic that your partner discusses with you. Sometimes, loosing the argument may win her heart for a long time. Remember, it is pointless to argue with someone whom you love with your heart and soul. Let your partner know that you care for their thoughts equally and love the way they speak so openly with you. Give them the desirable freedom of speech.

5.    One of the most important facts as explained in a, is that you must stop focusing on improving your marriage. Rather, find solutions to improve yourself and the marriage will start improving automatically. There may be some flaws in you that you may have not realized, but, which is giving warning signs in your marriage. It is time to focus on these and improve them for a strong and lasting relationship.

6.    Talk to a marriage counselor and share things out. You may not see certain things in your marriage that is causing the strains, but a professional and experienced marriage counselor will see those mistakes. He will advise you of the different ways, which may help you to overcome your fears of breakup and other marital issues. You need to ensure that you both need this relation to continue before paying a visit to the counselor.

Try to read the online guide, which is available on many sites, and relate these to your current situations. It may support you to prevent those hurdles in your marriage.